H1B Visa 2024 Registration, Latest News, Deadline, Requirements

H1B Visa 2024:- According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, the initial registration period for the H-1B cap for the financial year 2024 will start on March 1 and remain until March 17. Interested employers must create an account with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCIS), fill out all the required information, and then submit their registration. Each registration submitted for an H-1B visa will receive a confrontation number from UCIS, which will be used to track registrations in the service. The allocated number can only be used to track registrations; it cannot be used to access Case Status online to find out the status of a case. Read below to get detailed information related to the H1B Visa 2024.

H1B Visa 2024

H1B Visa 2024

The USCIS Fiscal Year governs the issuance of new H1B visas (FY). The fiscal year of USCIS differs from the calendar year in that it does not begin and conclude in January and ends in December. The fiscal year for USCIS in 2024 runs from October 1 to September 30. About six months before the start of the upcoming fiscal year (2024), USCIS will begin accepting H1B petitions. Around six months before the start of the upcoming fiscal year, USCIS will accept H1B petitions for the year 2024. The timetable for FY 2024 begins in March, and petitions are now being accepted for the FY 2024 season as of April 1st, 2023. Employers who intend to engage H1B workers for employment in the US beginning on October 1st, 2024, will fall within the scope of the H1B Visa 2024 season, which is essentially the period from the beginning of registration submission to working in the US on an H1B visa.

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H1B Visa 2024 Demand and Quota

For businesses having a presence in the US to hire highly trained workers there, Congress established the H1B Visa category. Anyone looking to work in the US and possessing the necessary skills and educational requirements can apply for an H1B visa on their behalf. The US Congress has established an annual cap for the issue of new H1B Visas 85,000. Cap-subject H1B visas are the new H1B visas that have been submitted. To choose applicants who meet the yearly quota cap, USCIS uses a random selection procedure known as the H1B lottery.

The only way for US firms to temporarily hire foreign workers in specialized occupations is with an H-1B type visa. Holders of H-1B visas frequently qualify for green cards as well. Employers submit more than 85,000 H-1B visa petitions each year.

Timeline for H1B Visa 2024

On January 27, 2023, USCIS released the H1B Registration/Lottery Process dates. Based on the provided official USCIS dates, the following timeline is exact.

H1B Visa 2024 ProcessKey DatesActivities
Create H1B Registrants AccountStarting from Feb 21st, 2023Accounts for H1B Registrants are made by employers or H1B Sponsors. To submit H1B registrations, they must use the registrant accounts.
Start Date to submit H1B RegistrationsMarch 1st, 2023Beginning date for Businesses to use the USCIS H1B Registration system and submit registrations for candidates they want to hire on H1B Visa
End Date to submit H1B RegistrationsMarch 17th, 2023The deadline for Employers to register H1B 
H1B Registration Lottery Selection, ResultsMarch 18th, 2023 to March 31st, 2023USCIS conducts random selection, aka H1B lottery, and informs results during these days.
H1B Petition Filing DatesApril 1st, 2023 to June 30th, 2023During this time, employers may submit H1B petitions on behalf of H1B lottery winners. An employer must complete a full petition with an LCA and all applicant information before sending it to USCIS.
H1B Petition Processing by USCIS, DecisionsApril 1st, 2023 onwardsFrom April 1 onward, USCIS will begin processing the H1B petition submitted by the employer, which might take a few weeks to a few months.
H1B Visa Stamping at US ConsulatesJuly 1st, 2023 onwardsTo enter the US on an H1B visa, an applicant from outside the US must have an H1B visa stamp placed in their passport. It is requested through a US Consulate or Embassy.
Start Working on H1B VisaOctober 1st, 2023 onwardsThe beginning of the USCIS fiscal year 2024 is October 1, 2023, at which point candidates who are subject to the cap may begin employment. If your petition was granted and you were granted a visa, you can begin working in the US as of October 1, 2023. Your status as an existing US resident will transition to H1B as of this date.

Masters vs Regular Cap for FY 2024 H1B Visa Quota

There are two categories for H1B visas i.e., the regular quota and the master’s quota. The US Congress has set a limit of 85,000 H1B visas that can be issued each year. This limitation is known as the “H1B quota cap”. This is a list of each of their current yearly quota caps, which also apply to the H1B fiscal year 2024.

  • The H1B Regular Quota is 65,000 visas.
  • H1B Master’s Quota: 20,000 visas (applicants must have earned a US Master’s degree to be eligible for this quota)

The roughly 6,800 visas set aside for respective inhabitants under Singapore and Chile’s free trade agreements is an important matter to be aware of. Approximately 6,800 are categorized as H1B1 workers. The total number is thus theoretically less than 85,000 annually in terms of the H1B quota. But, in general, just a few are consumed in Chile and Singapore.

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Online Registration Process for H1B Visa 2024

  • Create a myUSCIC account before submitting a registration application. The application fee is $10 and is not refundable.
  • The website’s address is https://myaccount.uscis.gov/users/sign up.
  • If users are submitting their registrations, they must log in using a registered account.

H1B Visa 2024 Lottery Prediction

For the season of FY 2024, we estimate that the H1B Lottery situation will be comparable to that of the previous fiscal year. Due to the ongoing rise in demand for H1B visas, we might see more registrations for the FY 2024 season than we did last year. Our in-depth analysis on the topic is available at H1B Visa 2024 Lottery Predictions.

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