Kerala Voter List 2023 PDF Download with Photo, Search Name

Kerala Voter List:- Anyone who has applied for a voter ID card in Kerala may look up their name on the voter list there. It’s evident that many of you are unaware of how to check your name on the list. In order to gain knowledge about the Kerala Voter List 2023, including what it is, its purpose, advantages, features, requirements for eligibility, how to apply, how to check your name is on the list, etc then read the article below.

Kerala Voter List 2023

Kerala Voter List 2023

The Chief Electoral Officer of Kerala’s official website allows anyone who has requested a voter ID card in Kerala to monitor the status of their application. To save Keralan individuals from having to go to government offices in order to check the names on the Kerela Voter List, the state government of Kerala has made the list of all of its voters available on this official website. This approach will add transparency to the system while also saving a great deal of time and money. Every individual who has turned 18 or older is eligible to apply for a Kerala voter ID card and search the voter list for their name. Due to the addition of new names every year, the Keralan government refreshes the voter list every year.

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CEO Kerala Voter List Details in Highlights

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Objective of Kerala Voter List 2023

Reducing the waste of time of the voters was the main goal of posting the voter list on the portal. Voters formerly had to go to the offices, look for the list, and then find their information. The CEO decided to publish the list on the portal because this was a significant waste of time. The online approach will not only be convenient, but it will also conserve resources and money. Additionally, this will increase system transparency.

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Eligibility to Get Name in Kerala Voter List 2023

The following requirements must be met in order to register as a voter and access the voter list:

  • To obtain a voter ID card, one must be an Indian citizen.
  • The individual must be a resident of Kerala in order to check the information in the Voter List 2023 of Kerala.
  • should be a registered voter who is at least 18 years old.
  • possess all the documentation needed to register to vote.

Required Documents

The sole document required to validate the information in the voter list 2023 is a valid voter identification card. A person’s name won’t be on the list if they don’t have a Voter ID. The citizen requires either the details or the EPIC number to search the list. Initially, a citizen must possess the following documents in order to hold a voter identification card:

  • Passport size photograph
  • Aadhar Card
  • Ration card
  • Birth certificate
  • Residence certificate

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Kerala Voter E-Registration Process

Citizens can use the services on the portal to register to vote. They can register within an assembly, object to the inclusion of names, correct the entries, check the progress of their application, and transposition within an assembly. Follow the instructions below to complete any of these:

Kerala Voter E-Registration Process
  • Select “E-Registration” from the menu on the homepage.
  • Choose the appropriate option after checking the service you want to use.
  • You will land on the National Voters Service Portal (NVSP), where you can submit an application for any of the aforementioned services.

How to Check Name in Kerala Voter List 2023

On the portal, a voter can also conduct an electoral roll search using either their personal information or their EPIC number. Follow these steps to look up the electoral roll:

Search by Details

  • Open the official website of
  • Choose the “Electoral Roll Search” option on the home page. On the new page 
  • Enter the voter’s name, age, birthdate, father or husband’s name, gender, state, district, assembly district, and captcha code.
  • Then select “Search.”
  • On screen will appear the voter list for the voter ID whose information was provided. You may download it as well.

Search by EPIC Number

  • Open the official website of
  • Select “Electoral Roll Search” from the menu.
  • When searching for the electoral roll using the information or an EPIC number, a new page will open. Choose the EPC No. 
  • Decode the captcha code, choose the State, and enter it after entering the EPIC No.
  • Then select “Search.”
  • On-screen will appear the electoral list for the Voter ID whose EPIC no is supplied. You may download it as well.

Download Updated Kerala Voter List

To verify the information on their voter ID card, the voters must download the Voter List 2023. Follow the steps below to download the voter list:

  • Visit the website.
  • Select the “Electoral Roll” option from the webpage.
  • The page with the 2023 booth list will now load.
  • Choose the “District” and “Legislative Assembly Constituency” where the voter identification number is registered.
  • A booth-by-booth list with three electoral roll lists—Draft, Final, and Election—will appear.
  • Select the option that applies to the specific Polling Station by clicking it.
  • The Electoral Roll download page will open on a new page.
  • To demonstrate that you are not a robot, solve the captcha.
  • After the Captcha has been verified, you can download the electoral roll.

Download Old Voter List

Follow the instructions below if you need to download any of the voter lists from a previous year:

  • Visit to access the chief electoral officer of Kerala’s official website.
  • Go to the homepage and choose “Electoral Roll Archives” from the list.
  • On the screen, a page with a list of voters by voting booth will appear.
  • Select the year for which you want to search the voter list.
  • On your voter ID card, select the Legislative Assembly Constituency.
  • Choose the whole list of polling places you want to download.
  • The list will be downloaded when you click on the number.

Find BLO or Booth Level Officers

  • Use the procedures here to look for booth-level officers or BLO:
  • Open the website.
  • Select “BLO” from the menu on the home page.
  • The page containing a list of the cops at the booth level will now load.
  • Choose the district, the assembly district, and the name or number of the booth.
  • Select “Get BLO List.”
  • You will be given the BLO’s name, office address, and phone number.

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