Delhi Shopping Festival 2024: Registration, Stall Booking, Dates

Delhi Shopping Festival:- In India, some celebrations last 10 to 20 days, but a month-long event seems unheard of. Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi Chief Minister, has announced a massive event that will take place in Delhi from 28 January to 26 February 2024. The event is known as the Delhi Shopping Festival. This festival will be the largest celebration in India to date. If positive responses are obtained, it may also rank among the greatest celebrations worldwide and grow much larger. Read below to get detailed information related to the Delhi Shopping Festival like highlights, objectives, features, benefits, eligibility criteria, beautification of the city, Discounts for Customers, Special Food Walks, and much more

Delhi Shopping Festival 2023

Delhi Shopping Festival 2024

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal, has proposed a large-scale event for Delhi. 2023’s Delhi Shopping Festival will run from January 28 until February 26. Manish Sisodia, the deputy chief minister, announced the Employment Budget in March 2023. Several projects, including this event, were included in this budget. The task of boosting the city’s economy will be completed in 2023 with the aid of this shopping festival. As a result, the unemployed residents of the state will receive employment possibilities, and local companies will be better able to promote Delhi’s distinctive culture on a global scale. Marketing will happen. 2023 will see the state government conduct 200 concerts as part of the Delhi Shopping Festival. It will be referred to as a festival of world standards under this, and various performers from throughout the nation will also be invited.

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Delhi Shopping Festival Details

NameDelhi Shopping Festival
Initiated ByCM Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi Government
BeneficiariesIndian Citizens
ObjectivePromote the State’s Economy
Benefitsa month-long shopping festival
Opening Date28 January
Closing Date26 February
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Delhi Shopping Festival Objectives

After the Corona outbreak, Delhi’s unemployment rate skyrocketed, and many residents lost their businesses. The Chief Minister of Delhi has launched the Delhi Shopping Festival in light of this circumstance, and via it, both Delhi’s economic status and India’s reputation abroad will be enhanced. This festival was established by the Chief Minister of India’s capital government, which is renowned for its creative thinking. The Delhi Shopping Festival’s primary goal is to boost the city’s economy by assisting local business owners in growing their enterprises. The government launched this program intending to promote tourism in Delhi, but its major goal is to give residents of the state of Delhi the most employment opportunities possible.

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Features of Delhi Shopping Festival

Some of the key features of the Delhi Shopping Festival are as follows:

  • The nation of India has never experienced a festival like this one, which begins in the capital city of Delhi. To make it simpler for customers to travel to the required locations, a large event must be designated zone-wise under these circumstances.
  • Following this, Delhi will be split into five sections, each of which will host an international exhibition on a certain theme. Following is how this marijuana will be delivered (North, South, East, West, and Central)
  • An exhibition will be organized to raise awareness of issues such as environmental effects, gaming and technology, literature and the arts, and health and spirituality.
  • To ensure involvement from the people who will visit all of these markets, brand awareness initiatives will be established.
  • The government will choose 10 malls and 15 prominent markets for the Delhi Shopping Festival in 2023 based on these locations’ shopping culture and other aspects. This would draw tourists to the area.
  • In addition to movie tickets, these festivals will also feature kid-friendly events including face painting, magic performances, art competitions, decorations, an Indian college band, light and sound shows, talent shows, street theatre fashion exhibits, and celebrity speeches.
  • Since presents are a common component of most celebrations in India, these prizes are in the form of gifts.

Benefits of Delhi Shopping Festival

Some of the key benefits of the Delhi Shopping Festival are as follows:

  • All members of society are welcome to take part in this festival and profit from its offerings.
  • Several benefits will be supplied for the state of Delhi as well as for the tourists through this
  • Rich to rich citizens and the poorest of the poor citizens can both participate.
  • The Delhi Shopping Festival was established to help the vendors. The event will highlight a variety of subjects connected to Delhi’s rich cultural legacy.
  • This will expand the opportunities available in Delhi and have a substantial positive impact on the growth of the state’s economy.
  • People from many states can take advantage of substantial savings on a variety of goods through the Delhi Shopping Festival 2023.
  • The government will have access to an unending amount of entertainment through this festival, including sports, live events, music, and international cuisine.

Eligibility Criteria for Delhi Shopping Festival

All members of society, including children, young people, the elderly, women, business owners, members of the upper and lower classes, as well as people from all walks of life, are eligible to participate in the Delhi Shopping Festival 2023. All those people can profit from the event, which will also enhance work prospects for state residents and virtually eliminate unemployment in the state.

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International Standard for Delhi Shopping Festival

More than 20,000 people will be able to see this festival live, and millions more will be able to do so online and on TV. The winners of a competition will receive passes to the opening ceremony. The closing celebration will highlight Delhi’s culture, which will assist the city’s markets.

Beautification of the City

The Delhi government will launch a significant beautifying campaign during this large-scale festival to ensure that visitors have a good time. The city will be cleaned up and made more attractive before the festival. Street art will be used to represent Delhi’s culture at various locations. Certain parks, monuments, flyovers, buildings, metro and train stations, airports, ISBTs, schools, and colleges will have eco-friendly lighting and installation options.

Blockbuster Shows

There will be four significant shows in each zone during the shopping festival weekend. Therefore, during the month-long event, there will be four major shows in five zones. The Weekend Blockbusters will host over 8,000 visitors. Each week, shoppers will also receive excellent rewards, and many other winners will be acknowledged.

Discounts for Customers

Under this, the government would make an effort to assist the businesses in Delhi and elsewhere by providing special rates on rail, plane, and hotel accommodations. Kejriwal made the statement in this regard for those who reside outside of Delhi. It will also get involved in the travel industry to provide distinctive vacation packages through train or plane prices, as well as hotel accommodations in these unusual vacation packages. Additionally, shoppers will benefit from substantial discounts on a variety of goods throughout these festivals, and prizes will be given out for upholding the festival’s high international standards. Malls and bazaars will also be lavishly decorated for the occasion. All Indian citizens, regardless of wealth, are welcome to join in and profit from this big festival, from the poorest to the richest. Along with this, large concerts, live performances, and culinary walks will be held all over India.

Special Food Walks

Delhi’s cuisine is well-known. Here, you may find food from every state and of every variety. There will be designated food walks to get the same experience where participants from all renowned restaurants and the hotel business in Delhi and elsewhere will be able to take part.

Job Creations

This festival will be a fantastic way to provide young people with work experience. The people of Delhi, the Delhi government, its businesspeople, and its corporations will all participate in this event in a special collaboration.

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