Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan (Mukta Scheme) 2024: Online Registration

Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan:- The Odisha government implements many programs to create employment possibilities. such that the state’s unemployment rate declines. The Mukta Scheme was started by the government of Odisha to increase employment prospects. Read below to check the detailed information related to Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan like Highlights, Objectives, Features & Benefits, Eligibility Criteria, Required Documents, Mukta Yojana components, Application Procedures, and much more. 

Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan 2023

Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan 2024

The Chief Minister of the State of Odisha, Shri Naveen Patnaik, announced the commencement of the Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan on February 1, 2021, to give underprivileged urban residents and migrant workers jobs. Many people had to deal with a financial crisis as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, and many people lost their jobs. In light of this, the state government introduced the Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Scheme intending to give all citizens access to job benefits. Through this program, the state government will give various initiatives to the urban local bodies, enabling all unemployed residents to find employment.

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Mukta Scheme Details in Highlights

NameMukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan
Introduced ByGovernment of Odisha
BeneficiariesEligible Unemployed Citizens of Urban Areas
ObjectiveReducing unemployment in the State in order to promote development
BenefitsEmployment Opportunities to the people
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Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan Objective

This employment program was launched to advance the state’s development by reducing the state’s rising unemployment rate. Through the Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan, employment possibilities would be made available to urban residents of Odisha who are economically underprivileged. Through this program, the state government will fully implement the current temporary wage employment program, ensuring that every resident has access to a secure job. 114 local urban bodies will participate in this program and gain from it. The Odisha government’s Mukta Yojana 2024, which supports women’s empowerment in the state, also includes women. The beneficiary won’t need to go to the bank to get their money because it will be deposited into their account through DBT when they receive it in the form of salary.

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Features and Benefits of Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan

Some of the key features and benefits of Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan are as follows:

  • The administration of the state of Odisha launched the Mukta Yojana to create employment possibilities.
  • The urban poor and migrant people would be given employment chances through this program.
  • During the Kovid-19 lockdown, this program was initiated by Odisha State Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik ji.
  • The only way for this initiative to receive funding is through the next budget that the Odisha government has established.
  • The state government will launch many initiatives, the advantages of which will enable urban local governments to make a living.
  • This project will incorporate practices like rainwater harvesting, green cover, sanitation, and other related activities.
  • The informal labor in 114 urban local bodies of the state would benefit from the Mukta Yojana.
  • This job program to support women’s emancipation in the state has benefited almost 40% of women.
  • Self-help organizations and slum development organizations will grow under the Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan.
  • The direct benefit transfer mechanism will be used to deposit the wages of all beneficiaries directly into their accounts.
  • The state government has begun more than 600 projects at Rs 70 crores, compared to the scheme’s budget of Rs 100 crores last year.
  • The urban poor, including migrant workers and undocumented employees, will gain access to a sustainable means of subsistence with the successful implementation of the employment scheme.

Eligibility Criteria of Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan

The applicants applying for Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • Only a permanent resident of the state may apply for this program.
  • Candidates may apply under the Odisha Mukta Yojana if they are ineligible for public assistance in the state.
  • To establish his residency in Odisha, the candidate needs to present a domicile certificate.

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Required Documents of Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan

Some of the important documents required for the Odisha Mukta Scheme are as follows:

  • Passport size Photograph
  • Mobile Number
  • Applicant’s Aadhar Card
  • Ration Card
  • Residence Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Bank Account Details

MUKTA Abhiyan Components

The following are the elements of the Odisha Mukta Scheme:

  • Boost Community Organisations’ Capacity: Under the Mukhymantri Karma tatpara Abhiyan, the urban poor’s capacity for community organization will be strengthened, which will increase urban resilience. By developing climate-resistant assets, the economic vulnerability will be decreased under this plan.
  • To create new water bodies, public parks, and playgrounds: Playgrounds, public parks, and nearby bodies of water are constructed based on local needs and land availability. The Mukhymantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan would entrust the development of these playgrounds, public parks, and new water bodies to the urban poor to ensure the timely completion of the projects and the creation of jobs for the unemployed.
  • Fixing Storm Water Drains: As you are all aware, the monsoon season brings a lot of rain to Odisha. Therefore, to avoid a flood, storm drain repairs should be made regularly. Stormwater drains will be repaired as part of this plan to beautify metropolitan areas.
  • Construct Structures for Collecting Rainwater: Rainwater harvesting structures will be built to conserve water. These rainfall collection systems can also be used to replenish natural ponds, reservoirs, and groundwater supplies.
  • Developing Community Resources: Under the Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan, a community center for Shakti Gruh worth more than 150 crores is anticipated in the shape of a Parchaya center and mission. Resources from the current Development Scheme will be integrated with the new scheme to provide cutting-edge methodologies and technology. The initiatives under the Mukhymantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan will help communities become more resilient. More than 35 lakh man-days will be produced annually under this plan. With the aid of cutting-edge technology, sensible implementation strategies, and community reinforcement, the livelihood needs and rights of the urban poor will be protected.

Application Process for Mukhyamantri Karma Tatpara Abhiyan

The Government of Odisha has recently introduced the Mukta Scheme. The government has not yet published the official website for this; however, the government will do so shortly. We will update this post as soon as there is a fresh update on this plan.

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