Uttar Pradesh Driving Licence: Apply Online & Offline, Status, Fee

Uttar Pradesh Driving Licence:- Most people hope to learn how to drive before they reach a certain age, and in Uttar Pradesh, doing so is made a little simpler by simple application procedures. The online application makes applying for and getting a driving licence easier because the internet is employed in the majority of the services provided by the traffic department. People frequently select the more secure offline application method, which is still an option. So, if you’re prepared to apply for a Driving Licence in Uttar Pradesh, the following information is crucial for you to understand.

Uttar Pradesh Driving Licence

Uttar Pradesh Driving Licence 2024

The Regional Transport Office (RTO), an agency of the Indian government, is in charge of issuing driving permits and registering vehicles in the nation. In Uttar Pradesh, the licence issue is governed by rules and regulations imposed by the Road Transport Association. If you are familiar with the process, getting a Driving Licence in the state of Uttar Pradesh is straightforward. If you intend to drive in and around Uttar Pradesh, a driving licence is crucial. In order to operate a motor vehicle in UP, you must first obtain a learner’s permit; only then are you qualified to apply for a permanent licence.No one is allowed to operate a motor vehicle in Uttar Pradesh unless they have a current driving licence that has been issued by one of India’s regional transport offices.

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UP Driving Licence Types

In Uttar Pradesh, applicants seeking permanent driving licences have the option of specifying the kind of vehicle they want the permit for. The following vehicles are eligible for licences from Uttar Pradesh’s Regional Transport Office:

  • Light motor vehicles (passenger) that include cars, jeeps, delivery vans, autorickshaws and taxis.
  • Heavy passenger motor vehicles include buses used for commercial transport.
  • Medium passenger vehicles such as larger commercial vehicles, tempos for passengers and minivans
  • Medium goods vehicles such as tempos and delivery trucks

Required Documents for Uttar Pradesh Driving Licence

In Uttar Pradesh, the applicant must submit the following document in order to apply for a permanent driving licence:

Any one of the following Age proof-

  • Educational certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Attested copy of the passport
  • Certificate issued from the employer if you are working for state/central government or a local body.

Any one of the following Address Proof

  • Voter’s ID
  • Ration Card
  • LIC policy bond
  • Valid passport
  • Employers certificate issued by local/central or state government

How Can I Apply for a Driving Licence in Uttar Pradesh Offline?

Although the offline process of applying for a driver’s licence has been discontinued due to the pandemic, many individuals still believe it to be the better option. Here is what you have to do to submit an offline driving licence application in UP:

  • First of all, go to the regional transport office (RTO) in your area and ask for an application form. The form is also available for download online.
  • Now carefully and accurately complete the form’s fields for name, address, date of birth, and blood type.
  • Submit the documents to the RTO.
  • Following submission, you must select a date and time period to take the driving licence test.
  • Finish making the required payments for the driving test and licence application.
  • If the test is passed, the driver’s licence will be sent via fast post to the registered address.

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How can I Apply for an Uttar Pradesh Driving Licence online?

With a smartphone or computer and an internet connection, you can apply for a UP Driving Licence from just about anywhere. Here are the procedures to take in order to submit an online driving licence application in Uttar Pradesh:

  • Go to www.uptransport.co.in, and print the form after downloading it.
  • Complete the forms completely and turn them into the local RTO.
  • Submit all required paperwork.
  • Reserve a time to take the driving test.
  • After passing the examination, you will receive your licence in two to three weeks.

The form can also be uploaded and filed online by following the instructions below.

  • First, go to sarathi.nic.in
  • Next, select “Application for new DL.”
  • Select “New driver’s licence.”
  • Enter all the information necessary and submit all the paperwork.
  • A number for your application will be provided.
  • You can also set a date for your driver’s licence examination.
  • Show up for the test on the scheduled date.
  • You will obtain your driver’s licence in a few days if you pass the test.

Check Uttar Pradesh Driving Licence Status

Online status checks for driving licences are available for applicants. However, doing so requires two steps. One is to look up the status of the licence on the official State Transport website. Otherwise, people can look up the situation on the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway. The candidate needs to complete the steps listed below in order to verify the status on the State Transport department’s website. –

Uttar Pradesh Driving Licence Status
  • Choose the “DL and LL registration”
  • Click “Know your application status” on the newly loaded page.
  • Enter the application number in step four.
  • After clicking “Submit,” the screen will show the status of your licence.

Check UP Driving Licence Status Through the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways Website

  • First, go to parivahan.gov.in.
  • Select “Services linked to driving licences.”
  • Decide which state you call home.
  • Select the “Verify status” option on the newly loaded new page.
  • Enter your birthdate and application number.
  • Fill in the proper captcha code in step six.
  • Your driving license’s current status will be displayed.

How Do I Apply in Uttar Pradesh for a Duplicate Driving License?

A duplicate driving licence must be requested in the event that the original is destroyed, lost, or misplaced. Here is how to obtain a duplicate driving licence in Uttar Pradesh:

  • Application form LLD.
  • FIR copy, in case the license is stolen
  • Challan clearance report issued from traffic police. This is required in the case of a commercial driving license.
  • Form 1.
  • Age and address proof documents.
  • Original license copy
  • License number if the license is stolen
  • The applicant will need to have the original documents duplicated and attested by a notary public or person with official status.

Steps to Apply for a Duplicate Driving Licence in Uttar Pradesh

The applicant can submit an application for a duplicate driving licence in Uttar Pradesh by following the instructions below once they have the aforementioned documents.

  • Gather the LLD form, fill it out, and submit it to the RTO with the supporting documentation specified above.
  • Submit a 200 Rupee charge.
  • A duplicate driving licence will be sent after the documents have been successfully verified.

You will have to reapply for a driving licence if you can’t recall your licence number. Within 30 days of the date of the loss, a duplicate driving licence application must be submitted. If your current licence has been stolen, you can also apply for a new one.

How to Renew Uttar Pradesh Driving Licence?

In UP, a driver’s licence is good for 20 years. However, the renewal should be completed right away if your age is 50 or higher before the 20-year period has expired. 

Documents Needed for Driving Licence Renewal Uttar Pradesh

  • properly completed application form 9
  • a duplicate of the valid driver’s licence.
  • Form 1 A and a medical certificate are required if the driver is older than 40.
  • 2 passport size photographs.
  • self-attested copies of documents proving your age and address.
  • 200 rupee application fee and receipt.

How Can I Apply in Uttar Pradesh for An International Driving Licence?

Visit the Parivahan website and select the “Apply for International Driving Permit (IDP)” tab if you want to apply for an international driving licence in Uttar Pradesh. You must attach the required documents, make the required payment, and accurately complete the form after carefully reading the instructions.

Obtaining an international driver’s licence in Uttar Pradesh requires the following documents:

The following paperwork must be presented when applying for an overseas driving licence:

  • Valid proof of nationality
  • Attested copy of the valid driving license, passport, and visa
  • Attested copy of a valid residence proof
  • Five passport-sized photos
  • Medical Form 1-A

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