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Buy Bharat Rice Online: – The scheme Buy Bharat Rice Online has introduced by the government of India this program aimed at supporting individuals who are financially weaker and economically disadvantaged within Indian society. So the government of India has avail these rice at a price of just 29/kg. By the implementation of this scheme, the poor criteria of Indian society can save up to Rs.1500- to Rs.2000 per month on their food expenses. Citizens can also by sponsored Bharat Chawal online from the mobile apps of NAFED, NCCF, and Kendriya Bhandar. The national government of India has also considering introducing Bharat Rice for sale on online retail platforms such as Flipkart, Big Basket, and others. Today, by this article, we will tell you all about Bharat Rice Online Booking Process, Rice Rate, Eligibility, Required Details, Etc. If you want to take full information about Bharat Rise, then keep reading this article.

Buy Bharat Rice Online 2024

Buy Bharat Rice Online 2024

This is a rice which is subsidized by the Central government of India to provide the better quality of rice to the economically weaker section of the society. Under this scheme the rice will be provided by the central government at a subsidized rate of Rs.29/kg. The common price of rice in the indian market is RS.38/kg to Rs.110/kg. Citizens can also buy Bharat rise from the online platforms like NCCF, NAFED, and Kendriya Bhandar By setting at their homes. By using Bharat Rice, individuals can reduce their monthly food costs by approximately Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2000. The Food Corporation of India (FCI) will supply around 5 lakh metric tonnes of rice to the 3 cooperative societies NAFED, NCCF, and Kendriya Bhandar for distribution.

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Features and Benefits of Bharat Rice

  • Bharat Chawal has the lowest cost price of rice and this makes Bharat Chawal the cheapest brand in India. Bharat Chawal is available at the price of ₹29 for kg.
  • Citizens who are not able to buy expensive quality of rice they can buy Bharat Chawal at affordable price of 29 rupees per kg.
  • In spite of its low cost, Bharat Chawal never compromised on its quality.  The rice is sourced from the finest Indian paddy, guaranteeing excellent quality.
  • Bharat Chawal is cheap, full of nutrients and tasty. 
  • The central government of India is dedicated to ensure that Bharat rice is readily available to all.
  • Citizens of India can save their money on monthly food budget by using Bharat rice.
  • By selecting Bharat Rise, you contribute indirectly to the support of Indian farmers, as the central government directly purchases paddy from them.
  • Central Government agencies regulate the quality of Bharat rice, giving you peace of mind regarding its quality.

Bharat Rice Online Shopping

  • If you’re looking to purchase Bharat Chawal, you can visit the Government-approved centers listed below. Here, we provide a compilation of locations where Bharat Rice is available for purchase.
  • Citizens can buy rice from the outlets of NCCF (National Cooperative Consumers’ Federation of India), and Kendriya Bhandar, NAFED (National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd).
  • Central government is also planning to launch Bharat rise on E commerce platforms like big basket, Amazon, Flipkart and others.
  • You have the option to purchase Bharat Rice from government-operated mobile delivery vans stationed nationwide.
  • The government is also planning to launch Bharat Rice on local kirana store and other retail stores.

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How to Buy Bharat Rice Online

If you enjoy shopping online, we’d like to inform you that Bharat rice is available for purchase on various online platforms.

  • You can buy Bharat Rice from the mobile app of Kendriya Bhandar, NAFED and NCCF.
  • You can buy Bharat Rice from the online e-commerce platform like Amazon, Big Basket, Flipkart etc.

Distributing System of Bharat Rice

 The Food Corporation of India (FCI) is distributing Up to 5 Lakh metric tonns of rice to the government cooperative societies such as NAFED, NCCF, and Kendriya Bhandar for the nationwide distribution of Bharat Rice. These government societies will oversee the distribution of Bharat Rice across the country. Bharat Chawal is both affordable and of high quality, with 5% broken rice blended into the Bharat rice.

Required Documents

The essential information needed by eligible citizens of the country for online booking of Bharat Rice.

  • Aadhaar number
  • Ration card number
  • Mobile number
  • Income certificate
  • Age certificate
  • Address proof
  • Passport size photo
  • Mail id
  • Etc.

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Benefits of Buying Bharat Rice

The details of the benefits of buying are given below.

  • Citizens who belong to the economically weaker section of the society Will be able to buy food items at affordable rates.
  • Rice will be made available to the lower and middle-class citizens of the country at a reasonable price of Rs 29 per kilogram.
  • Every month, citizens of the country can expect to save between Rs 1000 and Rs 2000.
  • Through this scheme, disadvantaged citizens of the country will obtain rice after completing online bookings through the official websites of NCCF, NAFED, and Kendriya Bhandar.
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