Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme: Launched for School Students to receive free breakfast

Telangana CM Breakfast Scheme:- The government of Telangana has decided to launch the Chief Minister’s Breakfast Scheme in all the government schools during working days from October 24. The government is expected to spend the amount of 400 crore rupees per year to implement the scheme. Chief Minister Chandrasekhar Rao said that the government is … Read more

Telangana Driver Empowerment Programme 2024: Online Apply, Beneficiary Search & Status

Telangana Driver Empowerment Programme:- The Telangana government has launched a Driver Empowerment Programme in order to empower drivers and give them financial assistance. Drivers will receive financial aid for the purchase of vehicles under this program. This article will go through all of the major features of the Yojana for Driver Empowerment. This article will … Read more

Telangana Unemployment Allowance Scheme 2024: Registration, TS Nirudyoga Bruthi

Telangana Unemployment Allowance Scheme:- Many people in our country are educated but unemployed. The government offers numerous plans to all of these folks for them to find work. If they are still unable to find work, the government will pay them an allowance. Today, we’ll inform you about the Telangana Unemployment Allowance Scheme, which was … Read more

Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme 2024: Application Form, Kalyana Laxmi Status

Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme:- The Telangana government has been contributing to the empowerment of Telangana brides and women. The Telangana government has introduced the Kalyana Lakshmi Scheme which aims to empower all women living in the state. Today, we will discuss the key components of the Kalyana Laxmi program for the year 2023 in this article. … Read more

Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme 2024: Online Apply, Eligibility, Benefits

Telangana Chenetha Maggam Scheme:- Telangana is well known for its skilled handloom weavers. The Chenetha Maggam Scheme has been introduced by the Telangana government for the benefit of handloom weavers. Through this program, the government will make minor adjustments to the tools and way of life of Telangana’s handloom weavers. Their financial situation will improve. … Read more

6 Guarantee Schemes Application Form Download Pdf, Steps to Apply

6 Guarantee Schemes Application Form: – Six different guarantee schemes are introduced by the chief minister of Telangana  Revant Reddy for the people of Telangana. Any citizen of Telangana State could download the 6 Guarantee Scheme Application Form to apply for this scheme. Citizens can download the 6 Guarantee Scheme Application Form to apply for … Read more