Delhi Electricity Subsidy Scheme Phone/ Whatsapp Number, How to Apply

Delhi Electricity Subsidy Scheme:- Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, revealed a number on Wednesday, that may be used to register to continue receiving power subsidies in Delhi. Currently, there are no electricity fees for people whose power use is under 200 units. A 50% subsidy, up to Rs 800, is given to those whose use is up to 400 units. The Delhi government now requires people to sign up for the subsidy to continue receiving the perks. Residents will need to apply for the subsidy to continue receiving the benefits under a New Voluntary Subsidy Scheme that has been announced. The optional subsidy application period will end on September 30, 2022.  Read below to get the detailed information related to the Delhi Electricity Subsidy Scheme like to get Delhi Electricity Subsidy Bill on Whatsapp, e-bill, and much more

Delhi Electricity Subsidy Scheme

About Delhi Electricity Subsidy Scheme

According to Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, Delhi’s electricity bill subsidies will now be optional. Residents of Delhi must decide if they want to take advantage of the Delhi Electricity Subsidy Scheme to receive free power for up to 200 units and a 50% subsidy for up to 400 units each month. You can easily apply for the electricity Voluntary Subsidy Scheme over WhatsApp if your electricity service provider is BSES. Depending on the month you submit your subsidy application, you will receive funding. If you apply in September, you’ll start receiving assistance in October. Similar to that, if you choose October, you’ll receive a subsidy in November.

 This plan will be renewed each year for one year. Everybody will receive a form in September along with their monthly bill, which they must complete if they want to keep receiving the electricity subsidy, according to Kejriwal. It’s vital to remember that to receive the subsidy if you are renting an apartment and want to do so, you must let the owner know. This is because, to apply for the subsidy, a registered cellphone number must be linked to the BSES website.

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Receive Delhi Electricity Subsidy Bill on Whatsapp

To Receive the Delhi Electricity Subsidy Bill on Whatsapp, applicants need to follow the below-given steps:

  • First of all, the applicant must have a WhatsApp application installed with the registered mobile number on the smartphone
  • Add this contact number 7011311111 on your WhatsApp
  • Now send the Hi message to the 7011311111 number on WhatsApp
  • After that give a missed call on 7011311111
  • Now, Scan the QR code on the subsidy form attached with your latest BSES bill
  • You will receive an SMS link on your registered mobile number with BSES
  • Click on the received SMS link
  • Finally, you will receive a confirmation message that the subsidy is active on your electricity bill

Steps to Receive Delhi Electricity Subsidy Bill Offline

To receive Delhi Electricity Subsidy Bill offline, applicants need to follow the below-given steps:

  • Each customer will receive a letter and consent form in the next two billing cycles, which they must fill out.
  • Update your voter ID, Mobile Number, and sign it
  • Names of consumers, CA numbers, and addresses will automatically be updated.
  • Now, go to your closest billing location.
  • There will be a separate counter for subsidies, submit your form there
  • Before your subsequent billing cycle, complete the form.

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Steps to Receive e-bill for Delhi Electricity Subsidy

To receive an e-bill for Delhi Electricity Subsidy, applicants

  • Your electronic bill will come with a link, click on that link
  • The form will open on your screen
  • Now fill in the form with all the required details
  • Submit the form
  • The applications of all three discoms will provide a distinct subsidy section for use in online mode where customers can fill out their subsidy request forms.
  • Consumers will receive a receipt that has been stamped by the discoms after signing and submitting the form.
  • The government will also hold awareness campaigns in each district to assist the populace in filling out the form and understanding the procedure.
  • Any consumer can apply for a subsidy in October if they fail to submit the consent form in the next two months. The application must be completed before the subsequent billing cycle.

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