IGR Maharashtra 2024: Department of Stamps and Registration, Document Search

IGR Maharashtra:- Inspector General of Registration is referred to as IGR. To register your sale deed at the Maharashtra Department of Registration and Stamps after paying the stamp duty and registration fees, IGR Maharashtra is crucial if you are a property buyer in the state. The IGR is in charge of managing the whole procedure. When papers like mortgages, leave of absence, and licenses are registered, IGR Maharashtra stamp duty and other fees may be applied to generate money for the Department of Registration and Stamps. We explain how to make use of IGR Maharashtra’s free service. Everything you need to know about igrmaharashtra.gov.in, including information on property registration and an online document search, is provided here.  

IGR Maharashtra

IGR Maharashtra 2024

Inspector General of Registration and Stamps is the office in Maharashtra. IGR Maharashtra is in charge of providing services such as document registration for real estate, stamp duty payment, property valuation, property tax computation, amount calculation for stamp duty, payment of stamp duty and registration fees, stamp duty refund, marriage registration, etc.

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igrmaharashtra.gov.in Features

  • You can view the IGRMaharashtra website at igrmaharashtra.gov.in in both English and Marathi.
  • For services relating to the registration of property documents, igrmaharashtra.gov.in has decreased the necessity of going to the Sub-registrar office.
  • The Maharashtra Department of Registration and Stamps uses contemporary technology to register and collect papers according to clear rules, on time, and in a transparent way.

IGR Maharashtra Objectives

Document registration by the Registration Act and tax collection are the primary responsibilities of the Department of Registration and Stamps Maharashtra. The online search offers free search assistance to its users and efficiently provides services like IGRMaharashtra online document search. Read Also-Ramai Awas Yojana

How to Compute Stamp Duty, According to IGR Maharashtra

A citizen must pay stamp duty to register a property document with the government in official records. On rental agreements, mortgage deeds, gift deeds, and other legal documents, etc there is a stamp duty that must be paid. 

It states that stamp duty is imposed at a rate ranging from 3% to 7% of the entire property consideration value. On the igrmaharashtra.gov.in website, a user can utilize the stamp duty calculator to determine the costs. To do this, enter the information about the document into the stamp duty calculator on IGR Maharashtra to obtain an approximation of the stamp duty amount.

Using the igrmaharashtra.gov.in online services, property buyers can quickly compute IGR Maharashtra stamp duty by following these steps:

  • To compute stamp duty, go to Maharashtra at igrmaharashtra.gov.in and select the “Stamp Duty Calculator” option under the “Online Services” section.
  • You will be taken to a different page on the IGRMaharashtra website where you may choose the type of document that needs to be registered with the Maharashtra Department of Registration and Stamps.
  • To register your property documents, choose the “Sale deed” option. Next, choose the jurisdiction from the list of options that includes Gram Panchayat, Cantonment, Municipal Corporation, and Municipal Council.
  • To get the stamp duty amount displayed on the screen, enter the valuation-consideration value and market value.

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IGR Maharashtra Online Search

  • To adopt a Data Management Framework and start a program of data-driven transformation, IGR Maharashtra has developed a comprehensive document on data policy.
  • On igrmaharashtra.gov.in/SB CITIZENAREA/DATA/Data Policy/GR Data Policy Detailed.pdf, you can access the IGR data policy. The department currently has more than 60 applications that offer a variety of services to the citizens of Maharashtra, including the online search and property registration details Maharashtra, as part of the online search on www.igrmaharashtra.gov.in online services. Applications from various departments, including Income Tax, UIDAI, Land Records, MCGM, GRAS, and others, interact with some applications to share data during registrations and to aid in online document searches.

IGR Maharashtra Verify Registration Documents Online

Online searches for documents are now quite simple. You can conduct an online search using the E-search feature on the igrmaharashtra.gov.in website. With the aid of the document registration number and survey number, searches can be conducted on documents, online property documents in Maharashtra, and more. Information obtained from this portal regarding the online document search is provided solely for informational purposes and is not approved by IGR Maharashtra. There are two processes available for online searches as part of the website’s online services: free searches and paid searches for IGR documents.

A person can get information about properties registered starting in 1985 in Mumbai, its suburbs, and certain other locations via the online search. However, property registration information is only available since 2002 for all other locations (apart from a handful) than Mumbai.

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How Do I Access IGR Maharashtra?

You must complete the login by providing your user ID, password, and captcha and clicking on login to access IGR Maharashtra’s online search, which is available for free or for a fee.

IGR Maharashtra Registration Process

  • If you’ve never used an account before, start by creating one by clicking the “create new account” link.
  • Enter your name, gender, nationality, mobile number, occupation, birth date, email address, and PAN number.
  • Then type in the address.
  • Enter the login details next.
  • Enter your user ID, click “verify,” and then “submit” after entering your password and solving the captcha.

IGR Maharashtra: e-Search Free Service

Click on the e-search tab and then choose the free method to access IGR Maharashtra’s online document search to access it from www.igrmaharashtra.gov.in. You can benefit from the free internet search service.

Applicants can access freesearchigrservice.maharashtra.gov.in by selecting free service from the igrmaharashtra.gov.in online services portal page.

You can conduct a document or property search here.

Choose the Following Criteria When Searching for Property Details 

  • Year
  • District
  • Enter village name
  • Select village
  • Property number
  • Name-based search (optional)
  • Captcha
  • And then click Search

You can select the property’s location from three categories here: Mumbai, the remainder of Maharashtra, and urban locations in the rest of Maharashtra. If you want results for Pune, for example, choose the appropriate parameters, and the results of the free IGR search service – Pune — will be shown on the screen.

  • In the document search, choose the following options
  • Select registration type from filing/registration/regular
    • District
    • SRO
    • Year
    • Doc no
  • Enter Captcha.
  • And click on search to view results

Keep in mind that before utilizing the free IGR service online search to look up documents, you must first check the data availability list to see whether there are any SROs and how long the necessary information will be made available.

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IGR Maharashtra: Copy of Maharashtra Register Office

To access the online document search, go to igrmaharashtra.gov.in, click on the e-search tab, and then choose the paid process. Go to esearchigr.maharashtra.gov.in

Select the following to continue with the online document search

  • District
  • type a minimum of three characters of the area and Click on submit
  • The next step with online document search is to select an area from the drop-down box
    • Enter its number
    • Survey number
    • Gat number
    • Plot number
    • Flat number
  • And Press the search button, after which the online document search results will be displayed

You must use the e-Payment facility, which is accessible on the home page under the online services option, to pay for this service since it is a paid one. When you select “Payment,” a link gras.mahakosh.gov.in will open. 

You must pay Rs 25 for the e-Search option each year per property. However, a minimum IGR search charge of Rs 300 is required, and money will be subtracted from this each time you search. For the payment made for the IGR search, you will receive a receipt. The IGR search cost that was paid online is valid for physical searches conducted at the sub-office, the registrar’s thus there is no need to pay him again.

IGR Maharashtra: Stamp Duty and Registration Fees Payment

You have two options for paying the stamp duty: online or offline.

You can pay stamp duty using the Government Receipt Accounting System (GRAS), which is available on the Maharashtra IGR website, igrmaharashtra.gov.in, after calculating the stamp duty. On igrmaharashtra.gov.in, one can also pay the property registration fees using information from IGR Maharashtra. The online procedure to be used on the igrmaharashtra.gov.in website is listed below.

Visit the official website of IGR Maharashtra:- gras.mahakosh.gov.in

You can log in and continue if you have a registered username and password. By clicking on the create user account button, you can also create a user account if you don’t already have a username and password. Fill out the information requested on the form, a sample of which is displayed below.

The stamp duty and property registration fees can also be paid off without registering. To pay without registering, click the link. You will succeed.

Make a payment to register your document by clicking Citizen, and you will then see more options as displayed below.

Choose one of the three possibilities:

  • You want to Pay stamp duty and registration fee together,
  • Pay stamp duty only
  • Pay registration fee only

You will be presented with a form to complete after selecting the first option to pay the IGR Maharashtra registration fee and stamp duty jointly.

The district where the property is located, the jurisdiction of the IGR Maharashtra SRO office where the property is located, the payment amount, the player’s name and PAN card, and the property’s data—address, market value, and consideration amount—are all details that must be filled out.

Then, fill out the payment form for IGR Maharashtra’s stamp duty and registration fees, choose your bank, complete the captcha, and click “Continue” to proceed with the transaction.   

If you choose the second or third options for IGR Maharashtra stamp duty and registration fee payment, a similar form will appear. Complete the form and continue with the payment.

IGR Maharashtra: Stamp Duty Refund

According to the Maharashtra Stamp Act of 1958, IGR Maharashtra stamp duty may be refunded if the intended use is changed, the stamp is damaged before use, or it was overpaid.

The application must be submitted to the stamp collector where the stamps were purchased along with the required paperwork before the deadline and in the manner specified to be considered for an IGR Maharashtra stamp duty refund.

Documents Required: IGR Maharashtra Stamp Duty Refund

  • Online information filling token.
  • Document with original stamp.
  • affidavit of the individual, if the stamp was acquired personally.
  • If a designated individual is requesting reimbursement, an authorized letter or a certified copy of the power of attorney is required.

If the stamps were purchased by franking:

  • invoice from the franchised stamp dealer that includes the government’s share of the stamp tax.
  • Stamp sale certificate/excerpt of stamp sales register.  

Visit the IGR main page at igrmaharashtra.gov.in and select the stamp duty refund tab for an easy IGR Maharashtra stamp duty refund. 

You will be taken to the next page, where you must enter your password, captcha code, and refund token number, and click “View Status.” Your screen will show the IGR Maharashtra stamp duty refund data.

IGR Maharashtra Ready Reckoner Rates 2024

CityIGR Maharashtra Ready Reckoner rate
Mumbai2.6 %
Thane9.48 %
Navi Mumbai8.90 %
Pimpri Chinchwad12.36%

IGR Maharashtra Valuation

Through igrmaharashtra.gov.in value, citizens can determine the IGR Maharashtra stamp duty amount for registration purposes. Knowing the specifics of a Maharashtra property that will result in the property’s genuine market value is crucial for IGR appraisal purposes. Every year, to help with IGRMaharashtra valuation, the IGR Maharashtra department creates an Annual Statement of Rates (ASR), commonly known as IGR Maharashtra ready reckoner rates. 

IGR Maharashtra: Check Land Records

Please visit the MahaBhulekh website at bhulekh.mahabhumi.gov.in to examine IGR Maharashtra land records. The 7/12 records, property cards, and more can all be checked. You can also get information about your land on the website by using forms 8A and 6.  

IGR Maharashtra: Check Land Records

IGR Maharashtra Online Search Index 2

The IGR Maharashtra Department publishes an extract of the Index 2 online property document. As an official record of a document or transaction that is registered in the files of the registering authority, the Online Index 2 of IGRMaharashtra attests to the completion of the transaction.  

Information About Properties Registered on iSarita 2.0

In terms of property registration information, the recently created iSarita 2.0 will be used for document registration in SRO Haveli 21 and 23, Pune, as part of the igrmaharashtra.gov.in online services, starting on September 23, 2021. PDE 2.0 and eStepin 2.0 are the only versions of both programs that are compatible with iSarita 2.0, so if you wish to register with IGR in these offices, you must use those versions.

Details of the Property Registration: Intimation Notice

You can now register the “Notice of Intimation” (NOI) for a mortgage or loan deposit title deed online with IGR Maharashtra without having to visit the sub-office. registrar’s (SRO). When you log in to IGR Maharashtra, this service is active throughout Maharashtra. To achieve this, go to the IGR Maharashtra portal, choose the “online services” link, choose “filing (for citizens),” and then click “Process filing.” 

IGR Maharashtra: MoDT Registration

Homebuyers should be aware that they must provide a Memorandum of Deposit of Title Deed (MoDT) as proof that they have deposited their title deed and other relevant property documents with the lender. Stamp duty is included in the 0.3% IGR fees for house loans. This project aims to recover debts if the borrower defaults or misses payments. Borrowers in Maharashtra are required to register with the MoDT. Home loan IGR receipts should be gathered after payment.

Contact Information

  • Office of the Inspector General of Registration and Controller of Stamps,
  • Ground Floor,
  • Opposite Vidhan Bhavan (Council Hall),
  • New Administrative Building,
  • Pune 411001, Maharashtra, India.
  • Phone: 8888007777

IGR Maharashtra FAQs

What does property agreement index 2 mean?

The sub-office registrars publish Index 2 online, which contains all the data on property transactions.

How can I find out the Maharashtra government land value?

Under the e-ASR option on IGR Maharashtra, you may examine the valuation of government land.

What are the entire name and process of IGR?

All movable properties must be registered with the state government agency known by its full name, IGR, which stands for Inspector General of Registration.

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