Telangana Lunch Box Scheme 2023: Apply Online, Beneficiary List Pdf

Telangana Lunch Box Scheme Online Registration, Benefits | Lunch Box Scheme Telangana Application Form, Village/ District Wise Beneficiary List

The Telangana Lunch Box Scheme 2023 was introduced by the Telangana government to help expectant mothers. The state government would provide food to women seeking treatment at public hospitals under this plan. The Telangana government has previously launched KCR Kits, Amma Vodi, and other programs. This program’s goal is to enhance pregnant women’s ability to care for their unborn children. Telangana Lunch Box seeks to bring amenities and wholesome food to isolated areas. Read below to get detailed information related to the Telangana Lunch Box Scheme like Highlights, objectives, updates, Health Benefits, eligibility criteria, documents required, and much more

Telangana Lunch Box Scheme

Telangana Lunch Box Scheme

The TN Lunch Box Scheme is set to go live very soon according to the state administration. Women who reside in rural and isolated locations will be covered by this program. Under this plan, food will be served to women visiting the hospital and will include eggs and curries. It is alleged that women often neglect to bring nourishing items, such as Rice and other foods, when they visit the doctor. In this case, Telangana Lunch Box Scheme will aim to lessen the chance of nutritional insufficiency in expectant mothers, which hurts both the health of the kid and the mother. Read More- JSY Application Form

Telangana Lunch Box Scheme Highlights

Name of the SchemeTelangana Lunch Box Scheme
Introduced ByGovernment of Telangana
Objectivesto improve pregnant women’s health
BeneficiariesPregnant Women
Benefitsto serve them a nutritious meal during their routine examination
Official Website

Telangana Lunch Box Scheme Latest News Update

The Telangana State Government launched the scheme which benefits expectant women in the state. When pregnant women visit government hospitals for treatment, they are given a nutritious meal. Through this program, the state government gives pregnant women from various communities in the state healthy, nourishing food, such as curry and eggs, so they can receive treatment or check-ups in public hospitals without risking the health of the mother or the unborn child. The Telangana State Government contends that any delay in the hospital’s care of pregnant patients prevents the women from eating rice or other nourishing foods, which is harmful to both their health and the health of their unborn children.

Matru Vandana Yojana

TS Lunch Box Scheme Objectives

TS Lunch Box Scheme would provide lunch boxes to women seeking medical care at the state’s outlying hospitals. In these circumstances, both mother and child death rates are greater than normal. The Telangana government has already put in place several different programs designed to protect the health of mothers and children. The number of IP and OP patients and institutional delivery women in hospitals would rise when this plan is implemented successfully.

Lunch Box Scheme Health Benefits

This program offers a variety of health advantages to expectant mothers and their unborn children. A nutritious diet will be given to the ladies, assisting them in developing a robust immune system and lowering their chance of contracting other diseases. The following is a list of the benefits provided by this program.

  • This will boost the women’s energy levels and help them become stronger during their pregnancy.
  • The women will experience fewer issues as a result of being able to consume nutritious moong chow as opposed to in the past.
  • Lunch box steam will aid in the government development project’s success in demonstrating how the fetus will make the youngster grow stronger.
  • Improved sleep from consuming nutritious foods will help them stay strong.
  • For the health of the unborn child, pregnant women must eat well, which is why the government established the Lunch Box program.
  • According to this plan, the likelihood of contracting a disease will decrease.
  • Eating well will lower the likelihood of symptoms such as anemia, low birth weight, birth abnormalities, and uncomfortable pregnancies.

Eligibility Criteria

The Eligibility Criteria to apply for the Lunch Box Scheme are as follows:

  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of Telangana state to apply under this program.
  • The applicant must be a pregnant woman to be eligible for the Telangana Lunch Box Scheme 2023.
  • The pregnant candidate must reside in one of the state’s remote regions to be eligible for this program.
  • The applicant woman must possess an Aadhar card to apply for this program

TS Aasara Pension

Documents Required

Some of the important documents required for the Lunch Box Scheme are as follows:

  • Passport Size Photo
  • Aadhar Card
  • Mobile Number
  • Address Proof
  • Caste Certificate
  • Income Certificate

Steps to Apply for the Telangana Lunch Box Scheme

Since the Telangana lunch box program has just recently been announced by the state government and the application process has not yet been made public, any applicants who wish to apply will need to wait for a while.

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