Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme 2023: Apply Online, Beneficiary List

Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme:- By introducing the Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme, the chief minister of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has taken another move toward women’s emancipation. The recipients of YSR Cheyutha & YSR Asara will receive a unit of sheep and goats thanks to this program. Read below to get detailed information related to the Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme like highlights, features, benefits, sheep species, eligibility criteria, documents required, the application process, and much more

Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme

Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme 2023

The women of Andhra Pradesh would receive a total of 2,49,151 sheep and goat units under this program. This program’s primary goal is to assist women in becoming self-sufficient and providing for their children. As is well known, farming provides a crucial source of income for farmers’ families during times of hunger and drought. The distribution of sheep and goats to the recipients began yesterday after around 4.69 lakh cattle units were handed to 4.69 lakh beneficiaries last week.

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AP Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme Details

Scheme NameJagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme
Introduced byCM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
StateAndhra Pradesh
BeneficiariesAndhra Pradesh Women’s
ObjectiveTo allocate goat and sheep units among the ladies
BenefitsTo develop reliable, regular streams of revenue
Number of Sheep & Goat2,49,151
Budget1869 crore
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Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme Objective

The major goal is to work with those who wish to be independent while also giving them more business options. For all the women who fall into economically disadvantaged groups, this program will offer a wide range of opportunities. There will undoubtedly be an increase in job opportunities as a result of this. Additionally, 31 lakh housing units are allocated to women and will be registered in their names. Women can purchase local sheep and goats from their area and take advantage of the services of the committee that will be formed with two veterinary physicians, SERP officials, and bank representatives who will also assist them in selecting suitable sheep or goat units at an affordable price.

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Features of Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme

Some of the key features of the scheme are as follows:

  • A total of Rs. 1869 crores have been spent on this scheme’s implementation.
  • The underprivileged women of the state who belong to the underclasses are the intended beneficiaries of this program.
  • Three installments will make up the distribution of units process.
  • Under this program, recipients will receive a sheep or goat unit.
  • The sheep breed that recipients want to buy is their choice.
  • There will be distributed 2, 49,151 sheep and goats in total.
  • There will be training facilities that offer instruction on breeding procedures.
  • There will be 14–15 goats or sheep in each unit.

Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme Benefits

Some of the key benefits of the scheme are as follows:

  • There will be a distribution of more than 2 lakh sheep and goat units to the recipients (of YSR Cheyutha & YSR Aasara).
  • The beneficiaries will receive a steady income, which will improve their level of living.
  • Beneficiaries will also receive help with animal care to take care of the animals.
  • The recipients will receive Animal Health Cards.
  • Credit Cards for Animal Kisan will also be distributed.
  • The veterinary team of the respective department will offer medical help and services.
  • Breeding and training facilities will be made available to the beneficiaries so they can grow their businesses.

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Sheep Species

The following sheep species will be offered by the concerned Andhra Pradesh government officials at this time:

  • Macharla Brown
  • Nellore Brown
  • Native breeds
  • Vizianagaram breeds
  • Black Bengal in goats

Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for the program, a candidate must meet the following requirements:-

  • The candidate must b a woman
  • A candidate must be between the age of 45 years and 60 years
  • The candidate must fall within one of the following groups:
    • Scheduled Castes (SC)
    • Scheduled Tribes (ST)
    • Minority communities
    • Backward Classes (BC)

Documents Required for the Scheme

Some of the key documents required for the scheme are as follows:

  • Passport size photo
  • Aadhar Card
  • Mobile number
  • Voter ID card
  • Address proof

Jagananna Jeeva Kranthi Scheme Application Process

As the scheme was just introduced by the CM of Andhra Pradesh, the application process for the scheme has not yet been announced by the government of Andhra Pradesh. Therefore interested applicants will need to wait for a while. As soon as the government gives us the instructions, we’ll let you know.

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